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A wonderful family from Queensland joined us for a training day out of Bendigo to help celebrate their eldest son Lachlan's birthday. Lachlan loves everything about gold prospecting and Geology in general. They all had the best day, Happy Birthday Lachlan.

Tony and Margaret joined us for a training day out of Bendigo to learn more about their Minelab Eureka Gold Detector. They had a great day, that's them pictured below.

The latest and absolute top of the range Minelab GPZ 7000 has just been released. There are some very exciting times ahead for detecting with this new machine.
We have now been using the 7000 for the past several months and are absolutely impressed with it's performance. It is doing all and more than we could hope for. Many of our clients have had the opportunity to use our machine during our tours in Far North Queensland and the results have been astounding! See our 2015 tour page for more details.

All of our clients had the opportunity to use our 7000 during this years extended interstate tours. Many of them were lucky enough to find patches, with this fantastic new Minelab detector. One of our very regular clients Rob, from Victoria, nicked named the machine "The Beast"!!!! When you turn it on the gold just seems to jump out for the beast to find! Everyone has been amazed at how sensitive and deep the GPZ 7000 goes.
We will give all our clients the opportunity to be trained or have a go with this new machine on our training days and weekend tours.
The link below will take you to the Minelab web site with the GPZ 7000 featured.


We have added many new videos from this years QLD and WA tours to our YouTube channel. You will find the link on our YouTube web page. There are still heaps more to go on line over the next few weeks. Thank you for watching. Why not subscribe to our channel and when the new videos go up you'll be the first to know. Feel free also to make comments, like and tell your friends.
The link added below will take you to Noelene and Michael's first ever patch video. They found the patch on our last Halls Creek tour this year.

*******Victorian Miner's Right Price Reduction!!********

There has been a massive reduction in the price of the 10 year Miners Right.
The new price is just $17.20!! The 2 year Miner's Right is no longer available.
We recommend you purchase one as soon as possible, who knows how long this price will last. This is well under the old price for the 2 year licence.

We enjoyed the company of dad and two of his sons who joined us for two days of detecting out of Bendigo. Dad, Ray and sons Craig and Darren from Canberra found 14 pieces for their time with us. This is a fantastic result for three people who had never detected for gold before. Ray brought his Xterra 705 with him. Ronda spent time training with Ray to get the best out of his 705. Craig and Darren used our Minelab SDC2300's and Ray had a go with one of our GPX5000's for the last day. Ray found the beautiful specimen pictured below with all their other finds.

David from WA and his dad Branko from Vic joined us for a day in Bendigo. It was Branko's first time detecting and he found 3 pieces for 0.3 of a gram. Well done Branko. Dave, it looks like you'll have a detecting buddy from now on!! That's them below.

We enjoyed a great day out of Bendigo, training John from Victoria along with Mark and Joanna from England but living and working in Singapore.
John, has been detecting for a little while now and up until his day out with us hadn't been lucky enough to find his first piece of gold. He honed his skills today and found a 0.2 grammer. Congratulations John. That's him below with Ronda at the scene of his first gold find.

Mark and Joanna were detecting for their very first time, having flown in from Singapore a couple of days before. They had a 5 star day and broke our Victorian record for most number of pieces of gold found in one training day. Congratulations to you both!! 11 pieces at 1.1 grams, the previous best was 7 pieces set about 5 years ago by Jason from Canada.

7 of their 11 pieces came from an area of less than 4 metres by 10 metres.
They were very quick learners!! This area had recent detector holes not more than 5 days old!

We hosted the Victorian State Minister for Resources and Energy, the Hon. Russell Northe, along with the State Minister for Sport and Recreation, the Hon Damian Drum and their advisors.
The day was organised by Rita Bentley, President of the PMAV. GPA hosted the day out of Bendigo along with members of the PMAV from Melbourne and Bendigo. We all had a great day.
The Ministers and their advisors all had a go at detecting. There did seem to be a competition between Russell and Damian as to who got the first piece of gold!

All four of our guests were using the very latest Minelab SDC2300's.
Both Russell and his advisor Lea were lucky enough to find a piece of gold each. Lea also found a Threepence dated 1873. A great find.
We thank the two Ministers and their staff for taking the time to join us for the morning to see what prospecting/detecting is all about. They both agreed it's a great hobby and gets people out and about and active.

Craig from Victoria joined us recently on a training day, he had the best day finding his first ever piece of gold with a detector. To prove it wasn't a fluke he got a total of 4 for the day using one of our Minelab SDC2300 detectors. That's Craig with Ronda below.

That's Craig's first piece.

All of the gold shown on our Web site is gold found by our clients on tour. Ronda and Mark do not detect on tour or training days. We dedicate all of our time to walking with our clients, training and helping them.
More photos and info can be found on our Tours and Photos page.

This link below will take you to our YouTube video channel where you will see a beautiful 55.5 gram nugget being unearthed by one of our regular clients north of Leonora in 2014. There are 2 parts to watch. this is Part 1 this is part 2

Enjoy these and all of our other YouTube Channel videos.

The link below will take you to our YouTube video channel where you can see the Minelab SDC2300's first gold we found within 3 minutes of turning it on.
The picture below shows an amazing 3 hours of detecting with the new Minelab SDC2300. This is the result of it's second ever outing! This was all from an area less than a tennis court. A spot we've been over many times with our GPX 5000's.

Our clients have been breaking some records during our tours this year.
We've had some record days with the number of nuggets found by the group.
We have had some great days on our tours with 44 pieces, 50 pieces, 51 pieces and our biggest day was 55 pieces all found by our clients.

That's Garry from New Zealand with a beautiful piece weighing just under half an ounce. And below that's his hand full of some lovely gold he found on our first tour out of Cue this year. Well done Garry.

Have a look at our 2014 WA Tours Photo's page for the latest pictures and information on our current tours.

GPA's Youtube video channel is up and running. We are putting on more videos all the time. Click on the link below to look at our prospecting videos. There are several to watch, this one shows finding a one ounce sunbaker!!
We have just recently added the video of Charlie's golden glory hole. You will see more info on this on our 2013 WA Tours and Photos page.
This link will take you straight to Charlie's glory hole.
-------------- -------------- --------------- -----------

The link below takes you to the video of finding a beautiful 3.4 grammer with the 17 inch Nugget Finder elliptical coil.

And this link shows Ronda finding a lovely nugget with the 12 inch Nugget Finder in action.

At GPA we use a large range of coils to suit all varying conditions. Whether you join us with your own Minelab detector or hire one of our GPX5000's you have the opportunity to try one or more of our coils from the standard Minelab range to the after market range of Nugget Finder or Coiltek Manufacturing.
THE ULTIMATE DETECTING ACCESSORY for those troubled by ANTS in the Golden Triangle of Victoria. This friendly Echinda was happy to pose for us while searching for ants.

A very important event happened on 20th February at Parliment House in Victoria. The PMAV presented the Government and the people of Victoria a replica of the largest nugget ever found in the world. The Welcome Stranger.
Ronda and I were honoured to be part of this wonderful occasion.

The PMAV were part of the Australia Day March again this year in Melbourne. We had a fantastic day, the panning and detecting areas were kept busy all day. You can find lots more info and photo's from the day on our News and Events page.
The PMAV stands for The Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria. Our peak body here in Victoria. You will find a link to their web site on our links page.

CTX3030 Training
We have the latest Minelab CTX3030 VLF detector, available for our training days. It is probably the best machine of it's type without a doubt.
If you have recently bought one or are thinking of buying one in the future and would like to learn how to use it, give us a call or email.

Xterra Training
We have been teaching some of our clients how to use their coin and relic machines. Like all metal detectors, at first they can seem very hard to operate. The manual can be a little hard to follow. We are well versed in the Xterra's operation and have written up some easy to understand notes, for future reference whilst out in the field. The Xterra's and other coin and relic machines are great for the whole family. We have lots of clients now buying an Xterra or similar as a second machine for use with the children and grand children. They are a lot of fun.
If you need some training in how to use your Xterra or similar give us a call.

The photo shows a very happy Rob with his total haul for the 10 days on tour, that's over 5 ounces of gold!!

GPA's new YouTube channel has a video of Rob unearthing another beauty on his patch. The link to the video is below. Enjoy.

All of our Hire detectors are the very latest and best Minelab machines, the GPZ 7000, the GPX5000 and the Minelab SDC2300's. If you join us for a day or more in the bush you will be using the absolute latest metal detector, unless of course you bring your own. Either way you can be guaranteed a great day out with us.

Like to book a trip or get more information? Give Mark or Ronda a call on 0409 188 138 or drop us an email on our contact form.
International +61 409 188 138

Victorian training days and package deals can be found on our Victorian tours or Victorian Training pages.

One and two day trips out of BENDIGO and other Golden Triangle locations are available. Our training days are tailored to our clients, and cater for any level of experience. From beginners to the more experienced operator. They are very much ONE on ONE.
Tell us what you WANT and we will do our best to achieve it in the time you have with us.

If you are thinking of booking a tour and have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us, write or give us a call, we will do our utmost to help you as best we can.

I think this says something about the experience they have had with us!!




Nobody else comes close to offering the professional training and one on one tuition like GPA. We don't have gimmicks like Gold Guarantees, we just teach you all you need to know how to detect like the professionals. This gives you the best opportunities to find Your Own Gold. Please note also that every photo, and video of gold on our website has been found by our clients whilst detecting with us.

It just doesn't get any better than this!!! This piece was found on one of our tours in Western Australia. It is a once in a life time lump or maybe three life times. It weighs 69.42 ounces or 2,159 grams.
The nugget has now been named "THE GOLDEN BOOMERANG"
The photo below shows Mark and Ronda from GPA with Michael the lucky finder.


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