A Selection of Photos From Our Tours

Ian and Anne have been joining us for many years now on tour. Last year Anne found a beautiful sunbaker. There's a video on our YouTube channel which is certainly worth a look. I've added the link below.
Anne has just sent us a photo of her beautiful nugget now a necklace. How good is this.

Alessandro and Enrico from Italy joined us for one of our extended tours in the Golden Triangle. That's them on top of Mt Moligal not far from where the famous Welcome Stranger nugget was found.

Just under half an ounce. A Beautiful nugget, well done Colin.

This is a great idea for those nuggets you find! One of our clients this year had this beautiful ring made for his lovely wife.

This is Joe and Mark making certain the GPS has
marked the way point. It's not much good having
a GPS if you don't know how to use it.
At GPA we can teach you how to use your GPS, as well as teach you how to use Tengraph.

That's Mike in total concentration, he is a very consistent operator