Below are some of the great results from 2013.
Rob, from Victoria joined us for two of our WA tours this year. That's him below with his gold from just one glory hole!! Over 60 pieces came from one hole the size of a kitchen sink.. It would appear to be a decomposed reef. A dozer blade push from 20 plus years ago missed the golden hole by less than 2 feet. An excellent result.

The next picture shows Rob finding another piece at his Glory Hole.

Robs gold from his time spent with us this year...the gold on the right came from the glory hole...
Well done Rob!
The link below will show video of some of Rob's Glory Hole.

Several of our clients did a couple of tours back to back, and to have a break between tours we drove down the Tanami Road to Wolfe Creek Crater(the second biggest meteorite crater in the world). The picture below shows Garry from New Zealand and Rob from Victoria at the edge of crater.

John from NZ has joined us on tour in the West several times now. He loves his detecting and on tour this year found a great patch that produced over 50 pieces. Well done John.

Charlie has been joining us on tour now for about 7 years. The gold below came from just one hole, a glory hole. Over 30 pieces, the biggest was on top and the rest just kept coming!!! Well done Charlie.

The picture below shows a very worn out Charlie sitting on his pick.

The link below will take you to our YouTube video channel and you will be able to see Charlie digging up his Glory hole. It was certainly exciting to be with him while he dug out all those pieces.
Here is the happy tour group on our final weigh in night.
We had 13 detectorists and 4 non detecting partners (also known as specialised digging services and safekeepers of the gold)

Tour 2 got off to a great start, right from the very first hours of detecting.
Just like tour one, hundreds of pieces were found on the second tour.
Pam and Wolfy found a beautiful sunbaker.

Great work, as always Pam and Wolfy, well done!

25.6 grams of beautiful sunbaking gold.

Garry from New Zealand found a great patch. Below is a photo of when he was detecting his patch, 50 nuggets and counting...
The area was no bigger than a tennis court. Great detecting Garry!

The next picture shows Garry with some of his gold on the scales!!!

Annie found a lovely sunbaker. It weighed 10 grams exactly.
Well done Annie!

Our recent 8 day Victorian tour was a great success. The picture below shows the group with Ronda and Beth kneeling in the front. We had several regular clients with us on the trip.

Wolfy and Pam helped to dig Fabs hole through the cap rock!! Lots of blisters!!

This lovely gold was found by Greg and Shelley on one of our Western Australian Tours, well done. It was their first ever gold found with detectors.

That's John and brothers Garry and Dave from New Zeland on tour with us out of Leonora. They had a ball.

This is the first Echinda I have seen on tour in the West. Well spotted by Johnny and Helen.