Our 2015 Queensland and Western Australian tour season has just finished. It's been another fantastic season for all of our clients.
All of our clients had the opportunity to use the Minelab GPZ 7000 as well as our SDC 2300 and of course the ever fantastic GPX 5000's.
The results with the 7000 have been out standing. Dozens of pieces of gold have been found and those that have tried it are very impressed, just as we had been during our reconnaissance for our QLD and WA tours. The depth being achieved for both big and small targets is fantastic! It's certainly Minelabs best ever gold finder.

Below are some of our 2015 tour memories. You will find many many more photos on our 2015 QLD and WA gallery page. Also check out our YouTube video channel, There are now over 35 videos to watch, with more being added each week.
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*********All of the gold pictured on our Web site has been found by our clients while on tour with us. Ronda and Mark do not detect on tour or training days, they dedicate all their time to walking with their clients, training and helping where ever needed. Mark and Ronda are often called on the radio to assist with digging a big hole, or to offer some information on ground noise or hot rocks. It's far easier to teach someone how to understand these noises in the field. It saves our clients a lot of digging and frustration************